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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Valentines Day Pictures And Photos 2016

Posted by Lord Baelish

Valentines Day Pictures And Photos 2016 

Valentines Day pictures  .If a word speaks a feeling then a picture speaks the whole matter.So Keeping this thing in mind,We are posting here lots of valentines day pictures and valentines day photos for you guys.We have collected these photos and pictures for this valentines day 2016 since a long time.So use these pics to show your love how much you love her or him.We will keep updating this post with more photos so that we can provide you guys a full bucket of pictures to express your self.

Valentine pictures

Valentines day pictures

Valentine photos

Valentine pics

So these were the Valentine day pic we had for you guys.Hope you guys enjoyed these Valentines day photos.Share us with your friends and give us a like on facebook.
Thank You.

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Valentines Day Poems,Valentines Day Verses And Poems For Him And Her 2016

Posted by Lord Baelish

Valentines Day Poems,Valentines Day Verses And Poems For Him And Her 2016

Valentines Day Poems .Hello guys.We are posting some valentines day poems and verses for you guys.We have choose these poems by reading each and everyone of it so that we can provide you good and all kind of poem s like short poems and poems for him or her.These verses and poem means a lot.We found these poems written with very much feeling s and emotions and all.So here It Goes The Poems.

Happy valentines day poems

My stomach starts to ache my hands start to shake,
As he draws nearer one last deep breathe I take.
My heart beats fast like never before,
The butterflies tickle and tease till I can't take it anymore.
I begin to tremble as he says hello,
I can feel the blushing of my face start to show.
By looking down I try to hide my fluster,
I reply to his greeting with a soft hello mutter.
With his face so handsome he gives me a smile and a wink,
As he turns to walk away my hearts begins to sink.
So sweet and so kind and he noticed ME,
I feel that he is the Prince Charming for me.
This feeling I have is more than a crush,
when I think about him I get a sudden rush.
Great chills shrill down the back of my spine,
Why oh why, I wonder, can't he be just mine?
In my thoughts he is always in shine,
I wish he valentine.......

I love you all through February,
Not just on Valentine's Day;
I cherish you when flowers of spring
Appear in the midst of May.

I adore you in the summer,
When the air is filled with heat;
Without you in my life each day,
I wouldn't be complete.

I treasure you in fall,
When leaves are turning gold;
I loved you when you were younger;
I'll love you when you're old.

I prize you in the winter,
When colder days are here;
I love you, love you all the time,
Every minute of the year.

So I'll give to you this Valentine,
But I want to let you know,
It's not just today, but always,
That I will love you so.

- Joanna Fuchs –

Short valentines day poems

Hearts and flowers

Hearts and flowers on Valentine’s day.
heart shaped candy, help me say:
I Love you in a special way,
because love is the reason for Valentine’s day.
Valentine’s day is a special time
for songs to sing
and poems that rhyme,
a happy time for everyone.
I’m so glad you're a friend of mine

newfoundland and labrador rule

Kelly Russell

Colors of Love
Love can be red, like the intense heat of a passionate kiss
.....the color of sweetness
.....the color of strawberries
Love can be blue, like the comfort we take in a pair of denim jeans
.....the color of strength
.....the color of perfect skies
Love can be yellow, bright and warm like the morning sun the sounds of laughters of children on the merry-go-round the sounds of fun from the boys flying kites in the open
Love can be green, peaceful and serene I can hear your heart beats is the feeling of a loving hand that touch a grieving heart is the whispering of trusting words to a distressing soul
Love can be orange, the loudness of it can drive you up a wall can drive you to sing like nobody is listening can drive you to dance like nobody is watching
Love can be purple, the courage we need to love bravely and unselfishly
.....the moment I first kiss you i know that i am not afraid to risk involvement .....the day the declaration of your love for me was made known to the world

My Love
After so many years of loving you,
After so many things we've been through,
Still I couldn't find the reason,
Tell me why am I in so much love with you?
The day you left me,
My eyes couldn't stop crying.
The day I lost you,
A day didn't go I had pray for dying.
Come back my love,
Someone's still waiting for you.
Come back my love,
Someone will always wait for you.
Joti (Bangladesh)

Valentines Day Poems

One Perfect Rose

A single flower he sent me ,since we met
all tenderly his messenger he chose;
deep-hearted, pure with scented dew
still wet
one perfect rose.
I knew the language of the flower
"my fragile leaves ,it said
his heart enclose"
love long has taken for his locket
one perfect rose.
Why is it no one ever sent me yet
one perfect limousine,
do you suppose?
Ah, no it’s always just my luck to get
one perfect rose

monia Jackson

Christina Occhipinti

Night is falling

Night is falling my heart is calling
I feel so lonely I need you only
but I’ve got a teddy that I take to bed
if you'll be my Valentine
I’ll take you instead


if I’d wish to be anything

If I could wish to be anything
I’d wish to be your tear
to be conceived by your heart,
born in your eye
live on your cheek
and die on your lips

stephanie mcfarlane

Valentines Day Greetings

Brenna Copley

break up on valentines

On Valentines we broke up
Your friends said it was wrong
But you didn't believe them
Until you heard our song
Maybe you will love me
like I loved you
But I won't give you another chance
Because I won't know if it's really true


Valentine Verses

For her this rhyme is penned, whose luminous eyes,
Brightly expressive as the twins of Leda,
Shall find her own sweet name, that nestling lies
Upon the page, enwrapped from every reader.
Search narrowly the lines!- they hold a treasure
Divine- a talisman- an amulet
That must be worn at heart. Search well the measure-
The words- the syllables! Do not forget
The trivialest point, or you may lose your labor
And yet there is in this no Gordian knot
Which one might not undo without a sabre,
If one could merely comprehend the plot.
Enwritten upon the leaf where now are peering
Eyes scintillating soul, there lie perdus
Three eloquent words oft uttered in the hearing
Of poets, by poets- as the name is a poet's, too,
Its letters, although naturally lying
Like the knight Pinto- Mendez Ferdinando-
Still form a synonym for Truth- Cease trying!
You will not read the riddle, though you do the best you can do

That’s all we have in the name of valentines poems.We will keep updating this post with more poems and verses.Till then keep sharing these valentine poems And valentine verses with your friends and Give us a share on facebook.

Thank you..
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Valentines day images , Valentines day wallpaper 2016

Posted by Lord Baelish

Valentines day images , Valentines day wallpaper

Valentine Day Images .Here it comes the day of lovers.Yes we are talking about valentines day and Today we are gonna post some cool and full of feelings valentine day wallpaper and valentine images.We will insure that you get all the cool stuff to impress tour dear one’s by sending these images and wallpaper.

Valentines day is a day of feelings and love that we have for someone.So go get these cool images and make your day special.Here we post all the images we have collected for you guys.

Happy Valentines Day Images

Valentine Day Wallpaper

Valentines Images

Okay.So that’s what we brought to you this valentines day.Check our other post for more other stuff and use these valentines day Pictures.

Have a Good And Happy Valentines Day 2016

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Valentines day ideas for him and her 2016

Posted by Lord Baelish

Valentines day ideas for him and her 2016

Valentines day ideas for him . How you gonna surprise your valentine this year? Any idea? No? Ok then.That’s what we are here for. we have here some cool valentines day ideas for him and her.We have collected these great valentines ideas from books and other sources so that you will be never be like “no idea” this valentines day.So go make your Valentines day a big day with these ideas.

Valentines day Ideas For Him

Make a book about why you love your spouse and why you are thankful for him/her. The woman who sent this idea wrote, “He loved it! Said it was the best gift he has ever gotten. And it helped me to focus on the things I love about my husband and not his shortcomings.”
Take your sweetie on a scavenger hunt. Ask him/her to answer riddles to find the clues to items that you placed somewhere around town. The last item should give instructions that lead to your Valentine’s Day activities.

After enjoying a candlelight dinner for two at home, give your spouse a massage and watch a romantic movie. The woman who suggested this wrote, “Last Valentine’s Day when I got home from work, my husband … had our bedroom set up with a candlelit table for two. He is NOT a cook but he made an awesome meal … grilled steak, sautéed shrimp in lemon, garlic, and butter, a vegetable, and [he] bought a chocolate fountain that was flowing—surrounded by fresh fruit for dipping. After dinner he led me over to his homemade massage table. … We ended our special night with a romantic movie.”

Surprise your spouse with a special getaway together. The man who suggested this made reservations at a bed and breakfast, arranged for childcare, asked for time off from work for himself and his wife, and packed his and her bags. When he asked his wife to go to lunch on Valentine’s Day she was in for a wonderful surprise. “The little bit of effort I put into that weekend paid off huge for weeks to come.” 

Valentines Day Ideas For Her

With roses in hand and permission from your wife’s boss, go to her workplace and read a love poem to her. The woman who shared this idea said, “I am a teacher in an inner-city school. Last year my husband dressed in my favorite suit and tie, came to my school with roses in hand. He got permission and assistance from the office staff to open the speaker system into my classroom and proceeded to read a long and beautiful love poem to me. He then came to my classroom and presented me with the bouquet of roses which I received while wiping my tears of joy and love for this wonderful man whom I have been married to for just under 30 years.”

Make a special “14 Reasons I Love You” Valentine’s Day breakfast for your sweetheart. On his/her plate, leave a letter or card listing 14 reasons that you love your spouse.
If possible, send a card postmarked in a town that has a romantic name such as Loveland, Colorado; Valentine, Texas; or Romance, Arkansas.

After your spouse goes to bed, tape notes to his car’s steering wheel with reasons that you love him, or decorate the bathroom mirror with lipstick kisses or Valentine’s window clings.
Have fun on February 14, and remember: Love is not meant to be given and received just  on Valentine’s Day. Instead, it’s to be practiced every single day of the entire year.

Valentines Ideas For Him 2016

Write a poem for your spouse and frame it. 
On individual note cards, write why you love your spouse. Insert these cards in a small photo album. The woman who suggested this idea began her album with a honeymoon picture and introductory note card, and ended it with a love note.
Surprise your husband when he comes home from work on February 14. Place a welcome sign on the kitchen table and leave a trail of red foil-wrapped Hershey kisses to your bedroom.

Okay guys.We have done our work.Now It's your turn to do something to use these valentine ideas for him or her.

Thanks for reading

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Valentines day cards , Funny Valentines day card 2016

Posted by Lord Baelish

Valentines day cards , Funny Valentines day card 2016

Valentines day cards.In this messaging and chatting ruled world,We have forget the joy of giving cards.So keeping this thing in mind,We have made a post where we are going to share some handpicked valentines day cards some of which are also printable and funny too.We are posting here lot’s of cards so that you have wide options to chose from on this valentines day.So here goes the cards.

Valentines Day Cards

Funny Valentines Day Cards

Printable Valentines Day Cards

What you waiting for? Go use your valentine cards to show your love to your valentine and thank us later.
We Wish You And Your Valentine A Happy Valentines Day .
Thank you

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